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LLGF Fishing Universities: Become an angler or improve your fishing skills in just one weekend!

Do you find people wait until you are reeling in a fish before they give a clue as to what to do? We aren’t BORN with this knowledge. That’s why we started the “Ladies, Let’s Go Fishing!” University series, for training and real hands-on experience for women to learn how to fish, and a chance to go fishing on the water! 18 years and 8,000 graduates later, the ladies have spoken. THIS is what they needed. For ladies who are already fishing and want to improve – there’s a classroom for their level, too! Remember, “No Yelling!” Seminars are open to the public – you don’t need to belong to any group to attend!

The typical registration includes the Welcome Party, Saturday instruction, hands-on practice, use of equipment, lunch, goody bag and more! The mini events offer much of the same except the classes and skills are held during a shorter time frame (afternoon vs all day) and there are no meals served at the mini events. There is nowhere else that you can spend one-on-one time with the top names in fishing! Plus meet some fun gals! Learn more in one weekend than you can in years of trying! Each session is unique, plus there are special events.

NEW! Social angler membership with fishing! If you are already fishing and can’t attend the full day on Saturday, come to the Friday party (South Florida, Treasure Coast and Keys) and fish with us on Sunday! Bring more, male or female! Register per person. Does not include anything on Saturday, come to the party on Friday and fish on Sunday.

NEW! Ladies Choice! Bring a male guest for the educational portion plus he has the option to fish! Rates are per person.

NEW! $5 Discount for Women bringing teens! Discount applied for the adult woman and her teens!

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