How does on-line payment work? Why both Google and PayPal?
Do I need to pay in advance for the seminars? How far in advance?
What is wait-listing?
Will I be uncomfortable coming alone?
What kind of women attend the seminars?
Do I need to know anything about fishing to take the seminar?
If I have fished before, will I learn something new?
Why do you ask my year of birth on the registration form?
How do I decide on whether I am beginner or advanced?
Where can I stay if I need to stay overnight?
How do I know if you received my registration?
Can I bring my children?
Can I bring my husband?
Do I need to bring a fishing rod?
Can I attend the seminar and fish from my own boat?
Are the T-shirts men’s sizes or women’s?
How do I know what to wear and what to bring?
Do I need to be a chapter member to register for the seminars?
What if I have friends who registered and we want to fish together?


If I cancel before the cancellation deadline, how will my money be refunded?
If I am not eligible to receive a refund, can I send a substitute?


What will I learn at the seminar?
Will the instructors be women?
What are the skill stations?
Why do you teach conservation?
What fish will I learn about?


Why do you have a fund raiser?
When does the silent auction close?
What kind of items are on the silent auction?
Who can bid?
Can I donate something from my company to be featured on the silent auction?
Does any of the money from the fund raiser go to charity?

Fishing Adventure

What kind of boat should I choose for the fishing adventure?
What does the charter fee include?
What if it rains or there is bad weather for the fishing adventure?
Can I select what kind of fishing I will be doing, such as trolling or bottom fishing?
Can I release my fish?
Can I bring my husband with me on the fishing trip if he pays for the spot?
Will there be instructors from the class on the boats on Sunday?
Do I have to go fishing on Sunday?
What if I get seasick? Will the boat take me back to the dock?
Will I need a fishing license?


What kind of food is served at the seminars?
What is the difference between the seminar and a special event?
Why should I take the seminar?
Why do you do this just for women?
What is the difference between the main LLGF Seminars and the Chapters?
Can I form a new chapter?
What are the requirements for joining a chapter?
What if there's a hurricane?
Why do you have sponsors?
How long has LLGF been operating and how many women have graduated?