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Matlacha/Ft. Myers March 14-15, 2015Florida Keys Nov. 14-16, 2014South Florida Apr. 17-19, 2015Treasure Coast, FL May 29-31, 2015

LLGF Typical Schedule:

Our schedule runs typically for 3 days for the full University. Matlacha is a mini university that is a Saturday program with fishing on Sunday. Click a date to see the following day’s schedule.




What happens at our seminars? Watch this video!

Experience the excitement of fishing! “Ladies, Let’s Go Fishing!” offers training and real hands-on training to jump-start your learning experience. If you are already fishing, we offer an intermediate/advanced level seminar to teach skills that will make your fishing adventures more productive!

The typical University experience begins with a Welcome Reception on Friday Evening which is great for networking and meeting new fishing friends. In most cases, you can bring spouses or guests.

The learning experience usually begins at 8:00 am on Saturday, with beginner & intermediate/advanced classes sessions on where to find fish and how to catch them. Learn conservation practices, inshore, bluewater & bottom fishing, flats or inshore fishing, fly fishing and pier fishing from the area’s top anglers. The topics vary according to the type of fishing done in the area of the seminars. In some areas outside of Florida the main topic is freshwater fishing (see schedule).

At lunch time, you’ll see the latest styles in fishing apparel for women with our Fishing Fashion Show. Following lunch is a fishing trade show, with the best ever hands-on learning experience at our “Skill Stations” where you can try skills such as casting, knot tying, boat maneuvering, landing and releasing, net casting, gaffing, trailer backing, electronics usage and more, including reeling against a swimmer! Skill stations vary according to the fishing region of the seminar.

On Sunday, you’ll have a chance to go out and try your skills from boats or from a pier! No equipment is required. Fishing times and rates differ per area and are listed on the registration forms. When the boats return, we’ll show how to fillet!

Win lots of door prizes, including famous artist prints, tackle and other exciting gifts!

Recommended age is 21, however young ladies 16 and up are ok but if under 18 a female parent needs to also attend. There’s no age maximum because you’re never too old for fishing! Space is limited to an average of 100 women and must be reserved in advance, so don’t miss out! Send or email your reservation and you’ll receive a confirmation with details on times, dress, directions & more!

“Ladies, Let’s Go Fishing!” provides a fun way for women to learn fishing skills.
Held over a weekend, the Universities include:

  • Welcome Reception (could be Friday or Saturday at the close of the education day)
  • Classroom Instruction
  • Fishing Display Trade Show – An exciting display of fishing gear and other equipment used in fishing.
  • Hands-On Skill Stations for practicing casting, knot tying, boat maneuvering, landing and releasing, net casting, gaffing, trailer backing, electronics usage and more, including reeling against a swimmer and one-on-one instruction (exact stations vary per seminar)
  • Half, 3/4, or full day of fishing from land or boat, depending upon area.
  • Fillet class
  • A chance to meet really cool ladies who have a common interest!

Early Entry ranges from $89-$99 in advance/$128 for Islamorada. Regular Registration is $125 – $155 for the welcome event and the full day of events on Saturday. Seminar registration typically includes all the bulleted items above, plus the Welcome Reception, lunch on Saturday, classes, use of equipment, goody bag and more!

Fishing is an additional $40 – $280 per person, depending upon choice of charter boat. Click Here to learn more about the fishing options.


Reservation/cancellation policy is at the bottom or each seminar registration form.

LLGF Special Events
After conducting these seminars for over 17 years, our alumni are mastering fishing techniques in their nearby areas and yearn to travel for fishing. Thus, we developed a Special Events/Fishing Tour program where the emphasis is more on social networking and going fishing. Our ladies voted to allow participants to bring male guests to these Special Events/Fishing Tours. This part of the program will be reactivated once the economy improves. In the past, trips have included fishing in Costa Rica and Alaska. While the focus remains on the women and mini skill refresher programs are offered, the men are also invited to fish. We have done this successfully and actually, there was no yelling, except for the excitement of having a big fish at the end of the line!