About Us

Ladies, Let’s Go Fishing!, or LLGF for short, is a national organization dedicated to attracting more women to sportfishing and to promoting conservation and responsible angling. LLGF especially promotes networking among women anglers and emphasizes mentorship between novice and experienced members. Founded in 1997 by Betty Bauman, of Ft. Lauderdale , Florida , LLGF has over 5,000 graduates and is the largest organization in the world whose objective is to introduce women to fishing.

Both Bauman and her seminar series — often dubbed “The No-Yelling School of Fishing” — are renowned nationally in the sportfishing, boating and marine industries. The organization has earned rave reviews from the “Inside Edition,” CBS’ “The Early Show,” NBC’s “Nightly News with Tom Brokaw,” “Good Morning America,” “Outdoor Life Network,” USA Today, the Wall Street JournalSouthern Living and more. Bauman has received three national awards: Woman of the Year by the American Sportfishing Association; one of the Top 21 Most Influential Marine Industry Leaders for the 21st Century by Boating Industry magazine;and one of the Top Women in American Boating by BoatU.SMagazine.

The national organization sponsors numerous weekend seminars each year that teach women fishing techniques at the beginner and advanced levels. The seminars offer a range of experiences presented in a non-intimidating environment, including classes on inshore, offshore, bottom and fly fishing. Some freshwater seminars are also offered. There’s a wide variety of exercises, with a hands-on approach to everything from casting to filleting, backing a truck and trailer, and gaffing (with grapefruits!). In one highly acclaimed exercise, participants go poolside and reel in one of the instructors, using a fighting belt!

LLGF also plans organized fishing trips to Florida, Costa Rica, the Bahamas, and Alaska. The group has local chapters which plan monthly meetings and fishing trips.