A good day for thanks

Today is the perfect day to thank all the 8,000 ladies have learned to fish through the Ladies, Let’s Go Fishing University series, as well as the volunteers, speakers, sponsors and donors who  have made this opportunity possible for all women to learn fishing and conservation. THANK YOU so much!

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A grip for your bucket

Has anyone seen this? Bucket Grip keeps your bucket from sliding and are sending some for our auction. I was searching for something to keep the bucket in place after Angled Picturemy husband fell overboard when the bucket he was sitting on slipped. www.bucketgrip.com

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Bobcat swimming video

Bobcat swimming video, going from island to island in the Florida coastal Everglades. A rare sight to see! Who says cats don’t like to get wet? He was big and ferocious. Was glad to have the safety of being on the 24′ Ranger boat.

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Bobcat Swimming in 10,000 Islands

We were fishing on the 2410 Bay Ranger in the 10,000 when we had a rare sighting of a wild Florida bobcat swimming from island to island. It’s ironic that we were looking for fish and came across a cat doing the same thing. He was about 3 feet long, 6 inch bob tail and was growling at me. You never know what you will see when you are out there fishing -

bobcat swimming

Wild Florida Bobcat swimming in 10,000 Islands

this one takes the cake! We also saw six sawfish, pink spoonbills and a couple cobia.

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