Homosassa Room Share Postboard

Put your information here to find others to share a room.

Room Share Postboard

Bulletin board for those seeking someone to share hotel costs for LLGF University
  • Need a room mate to share hotel costs? Post your information here! Your confirmation email will have a link to view who else is on the form so you can get in touch with each other to make arrangements. Only those who submit the form will be able to see who is looking for roommates. When you submit you will see the other names and can contact them.
  • This is optional but put in a phone number if you want to converse on the phone.
  • If you are a chapter member please indicate so here, so the other chapter members will know. LLGF assumes no liability as to room shares and have no information as to the personalities or preferences of those seeking room shares. Any financial arrangements should be agreed upon up front by those securing room mates.
  • Please put yes if you found one so people will know whether to contact you or not.